Manliness is not defined by toughness, looks or personal accomplishments.

How often do you see a man walking down the street with skinny jeans, plaid shirt, and a full beard that would make a lion jealous just to go to shake his hand and he gives a limp handshake of a baby? On the other hand there are men that will squeeze your hand, work 2 full time jobs but neglect their family spending too many nights at the local bar.

Men are not made by dressing the part or by being the dominant alpha of the pack, men are made by being honest, brave leaders and explorers. Bull Moose Life was inspired by one of the manliest man to live within the past 100 years. Teddy Roosevelt was a shining example of a man that was brave enough to fight, smart enough to lead and loving enough to serve as President.

We at Bull Moose Life want to inspire men to find their manliness and maybe try something they have been too nervous to try before. 

Our brand mission is simple, "Inspire Men to be Men".

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