What is the Right Coffee Beans for YOU

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What is the Right Coffee Beans for YOU

Having trouble finding the right taste?

 Finding the right coffee beans is a struggle for most avid coffee drinkers. While some may be content with regular ole coffee from the discount section at Walmart, we provide insight for people who want to find their ‘Losorda’ of coffee. The process of picking our delighted beans may take some time which is actually fun. But we decided to give you information to ease the troubling process.

 *Disclaimer* We do not discriminate people who use discount coffee. It was a joke but we do advise that you broaden your taste.

 Finding the Right Beans:

 We at BullMoose have selected our handpicked natural coffee beans for you. Throughout this list, there will be many beans from various countries that we have found to be truly delicious. May the beans be ever in your favor.

The very first thing you need to know is… what your preference is when choosing your coffee beans. Did you know that there are two types of coffee beans that determine the taste of your coffee? The two types are Robusta and Arabica and this is important to find the beans best suited for you.


Robusta is grown in lower altitude areas such as Central to South Africa and Indonesia and then Vietnam being the top producer. These beans are provided with a much stronger and bitter taste than the Arabica. The taste has an “earthly” and bitter taste which is used in most espresso blends. I would advise you that if you decided to try the Robusta beans then you should be a coffee veteran. The beans double the amount of caffeine content than the Arabica as well. Robusta beans are popular and you may know are… So if you’re learning for beans to fill your black coffee desires, you have your answer.

 Arabica beans are grown in higher altitudes areas in which Ethiopia is the most well known. The mountains help proved an airy, sweet, and bitter taste. This environment implements a smoother silkier taste in your coffee. Most of the world's coffee that people drink comes from arabica beans as it usually has a sweeter taste.

 *If you want to know more about Robusta and Arabica beans, next week our blog will go into more detail about these beans


In essence…

  • Arabica beans are sweeter and chances are that any coffee that you’ve drunk has come from these beans
  • Robusta Beans is usually more for experienced coffee drinkers because it provides a certain kind of taste which some people refer to it as “earthy” taste.


Now that you know the differences between these two beans, let's dig deeper.


 Are you a caffeine lover? By a wild assumption, I bet that you answered yes. It's important to know how much caffeine content that you’re wanting in your coffee. Too much and you may get a bit too jittery, depending on how many cups you’ve had. Caffeine contents normally range from 9.1mg to 54.2 mg. An espresso shot caffeine contents range from 60-70 mg per shot which is about 2 fl oz. So, if the coffee that you’re drinking is on the 54.2mg side of the spectrum then you’re a true warrior!

You’re also going to want to know if you like all-natural coffee or if you prefer blends. It may seem like a lot of work but we will try to guide you through this process as you continue to be with us.


Origin coffee beans come directly from the geographical source. This means the coffee is more expensive but usually has a good payoff. The inflated price is well worth it for experienced coffee drinkers because of the natural taste. Origin coffee is harder to come by due to the different seasons and regions where the coffee is harvested. This implies that your coffee beans will be much fresher. You may develop a certain taste for a coffee bean which will most consumers refer to the coffee black. If you’ve drunk coffee at your local coffee shop then most likely it wasn’t an organ coffee. Once you develop a taste for origin coffee then you won’t go back. There's a saying “once you go black, you won’t go back” and I’m sure the quote was referring to drinking origin coffee

Now blended coffee beans are a much different story. If you’re not a regular coffee drinker then you’re most likely drinking blended coffee drinkers. There's nothing wrong with that either. No stigma nor backlash towards people who prefer blended coffee. The price is usually cheaper for blended coffee, depending on what kind of beans is used to blend. The taste will be different and as an experienced coffee drinker, you will tell the difference. If you like to put cream and sugar in your coffee then blended may be your pick. It's a simple method.


In essence…

  • Origin coffee beans conclude that you’re experienced, your beans are fresher, and you have a desired taste.
  • Blends are for people who love the excessive amounts of sugar with some cream in their coffee.



 You will need a respectable provider. I wouldn’t advise you to go buy any pack of coffee beans online. You will need some insight on how to find a provider who has a good background and are trustworthy. Oddly enough, BullMoose exceeds in this criteria and will even provide you with a 10% discount off with your first order if you sign up to our email list.


Coffee Bean of the Month:

Our personal coffee bean pick of the month is the Honduras Marcala. This 100% Arabica, the mid-dark roast coffee bean has a sweet-smelling aroma that can raise eyebrows with its toasty and buttery smell. With its origins in La Paz, Marcala, Honduras, this coffee bean provides a smooth taste to it which is a phenomenal way to begin your morning. This bean is harvested from December to April then is exported from February to June. So now is prime time to purchase and brew for this bean. You simply can not go wrong with this choice.


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