The Big Purchase of a Coffee Grinder

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The Big Purchase of a Coffee Grinder

Have you ever bought an arbitrary coffee grinder and it turned out to be a waste? Has it not efficiently brewed your fresh beans good enough? Has it turned you off of the idea of brewing your coffee? My condolences to you if you answered yes to any of those questions. You may have done some intensive research on some blogs or may have seen some ads on Facebook. You got it through the Amazon or instore but it turned out to be a horrible experience. Hopefully, you did not do the unthinkable and buy one of those aluminum coffee pods dispensing machines. Anyways, we have experienced that same dilemma and throughout the years of trial and error, we have found some great coffee grinders that we believe would be perfect in your household.
So, you’re wanting a reliable and efficient coffee grinder aren’t you? Excellent! Lucky for you, we’ve given you a detailed list of the top coffee bean grinders on the market. For your benefit, we have conducted hours of research to provide you with your needs. Also, as others bloggers, coffee shops can not abide by this statement, we have personally used a few of these coffee grinders and enjoyed them very much.

Here we are Bull Moose, we provide you with our hand-picked top 5 coffee grinders on the market. You may ask yourself, why should I trust these Bull Moose guys? Throughout our short history, we have dedicated ourselves to educate ourselves to the fullest extent of all coffee matters. We do extensive research on all our products and continue to provide great customer service. Most importantly, we bring loyalty to our customers as we want to create a stable and dependable brand. We want to be trusting in our expertise in the same way as Theodore Rosevelt was trusted as the 26th president of the United States. Alright, enough reading lets get to it.

The Bull Moose Top 3

1. Baratza Virtuoso

Our experience with this coffee grinder has been phenomenal! This coffee grinder has been around for many years and has a substantial amount of good reviews. The Baratza Virtuoso has been featured in the NY Times as well as numerous big-name youtube channel reviews. There is no doubt that this is a reliable coffee grinder that will provide you with all your coffee grinding needs. At an average price of $250
With the Virtuoso, you can grind your beans for espresso or french press. Each grind is very consistent that transforms your beans into well coarse or fine grinds. The sharp look will provide a nice addition to your kitchen by applying elegance and style.

Does your current coffee grinder make a substantial amount of noise and static that causes everyone to have to stop the conversation? The great thing about the Virtuoso is noise reduction. It won't sound like there is an ongoing construction site in your kitchen once you're with Virtuoso. The Virtuoso doesn't grind fine beans because of the lavish, elaborate name. There is an efficient DC motor inside which allows your beans to stay cool with extended use. The electric and gear speed reducers slow the burr to 450 rpm that ensures a smooth grind. You won't have any problems with this highly dependable grinder.

2. Baratza Encore Conical Burr

The Baratza Encore is an amazing coffee grinder which has an average price of $140. A more reasonable price if your new to grinding, brewing, or simply making your own coffee. The Encore has a sleek new look to it as well. A perfect beginner coffee grinder that will not let you down.

The Encore provides a great grind for your desired beans. The blade will remain sharp for many years and has been greatly reviewed for its durability . The Encore holds 8 oz of whole beans as well has grounds bin. Just like the Virtuoso, this coffee grinder has been featured from news outlets such as NY time and Oliver Strand. With a 550 rpm, this grinder will grind your beans to perfection whether you desire fine or coarse beans. There is a total of 40 individual grind settings! Don't let this frighten you as it's rather simple to operate. If you’re looking for a nice coffee grinder that will be dependable then you got your answer.

3. Baratza Sette 270 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Are you looking for the Tesla of coffee grinders? The Lulu lemon or Nike equivalency of
respectfulness showcased in the coffee grinder society? The Baratzta Settle 270 aka the M.O.A.C.G (Mother of All Coffee Grinders) will be your pick. It took eight years for the engineers to develop the interior design for this luxurious coffee grinder. That explains why the average price for the Settle 270 is $400, a fair value for a high performance grinding machine.
Inside, there is a fixed inner burr and rotating outer burr. This allows your beans to be ground in 3.5-5.5 seconds in the most monotonous way possible. The Settle 270 has made great leaps in design and marks the new standard for coffee grinding.

For looks, there is a pleasing LED display. Also, it looks rather futuristic and would go great in a modern style kitchen. The controls are straightforward and simple to use by using three buttons for grind time. It holds 10 oz of coffee and has a built-in convertible container. There is no-mess tray disposal which is quite helpful. Thanks to this device, you won’t have to clean up any excess grinds that pour out which results in a headache later on. If you're going to go big on a high-performance coffee grinder then the Settle 270 is your choice. No doubt.


As you may have discovered already that Baratza producers great coffee grinders. Their coffee grinders is the key difference in the tase of your cup. There is no other brand that has the customer reviews and advanced engineering as Baratza. The company has been around for over twenty years and all of their modules has been consistently improving. They provide excellent customer service that always satisfies their customers. Also they have a quick and easy warranty incase you do run into any troubles in the future. Bull Moose highly recommends that if you’re going to buy a quality grinder then Baratza is the way.

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