The 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Coffee Pods

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The 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Coffee Pods

Coffee pods… It just doesn’t sound right. Sure, it may be a convenient way to drink some low-grade coffee and it can save yourself a few minutes before work. But are those 5 minutes saved more important to you than having fresh high-grade coffee that gives you a sense of satisfaction first thing in the morning? I can’t speak for anyone but I believe that you will reconsider the way you start your morning after reading this blog or don’t hopefully reason #1 will hopefully change your mind already.

Do I have to even mention how terrible it is to our environment? Well, I'm going to anyway, over 10 BILLION pods are sold each year, enough to wrap around the globe 10 times! This may be new information to you but it's very true and real! You can benefit your life as well as the people you may or may not love around you. It only takes one person at a time to get started. It takes ONE small action at a time to start improving your life. It is as minuscule as switching from coffee pods to regular conventional coffee, it's the facts. So let's get into it!

Here are 5 reasons why you should ditch coffee pods so that you can improving your overall lifestyle 

1. The Taste

I couldn’t think whether or not to flip #1 and #2. I had a desire to go brew some coffee at the moment of typing this. 

Have you ever tried true fresh coffee? I'm not talking about coffee from your local shop nor mini-mart. I'm talking about the real deal. If you haven’t then it's not too late for you. We have many selections on our website to get you started. 

Anyways, k-cups and brewed coffee just aren’t there same. You may think “coffee is coffee” or “if it wakes me up before work or class then its just fine for me”. Would you say the same about the type of wine or another other alcoholic beverage that you drink? You don’t have to answer that question, but it makes sense doesn’t it. 

Coffee is supposed to be more than something that just wakes you up. It may be an acquired taste at first but it ends up being apart of your life. Luckily coffee, unlike other beverages, is actually beneficial to your health (see reason #3). The point I’m getting to is that k-cups are not the way to go if you are wanting good coffee.

2. The Environment

Now, this may have been #1 on the list of “Important Concerns About Our Environment” blog but this is a blog specifically dedicated to post about coffee and fulfilling your manliness potential. But there can’t be any coffee in the world without a world to safety live in.

Have you ever done any research at all about how badly coffee pods affect our eco-system? Well, you don’t have to, I have done it for you! I know you know how badly plastic affects our environment so think about that for a second. Plastic used from these pods are not recyclable. 

Most people do not recycle these pods either. They simply get their cheap coffee made and dumb them into the regular trash bin. Seriously, do you actually know anyone who actually recycles these harmful things.

3. For Your Well Being  

These pods are nothing but more negativity in your life. Would you want more? I don’t think so… During my research, I found a great article which informs you of the negative effects of these pods, 

 “The top of these coffee pods is usually made of aluminum, which has some health concerns of its own and which may be bad for the brain. Aluminum exposure has been linked to Alzheimer's, depression, anxiety, autism, and even autoimmune disease. “

Seriously, aluminum is possible entering your body and you would still drink these pods? In this day of age, no-one needs any more stress. Especially at the time I’m writing this, there is a global pandemic going on!

Are you still not convinced well hopefully this will grab your attention…

4. Hidden Cost 

The price for one of these coffee pods can range from $1 to $3. That’s an absurd amount to pay for low quality coffee! While if you took a few mins out of your day to grind and brew your coffee, you’d be saving on average $45 per month! Yes, we did the math.. for YOU! 

If you look at the expenses of using k-cup compared to using fresh grounds then you’ll there that there is a significant difference. Yes, in the short run you might be ahead in the first month

5. Additives and Containers 

Dipotassium Phosphate, Sodium Stearoyl-2-Lactylate, Silicon Dioxide… These do not sound like appetizing ingredients that you want to put into your body. I've done some research on these ingredients and what I found is alarming…

Ingredients Include: Sugar, Creamer (Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Glucose Syrup, Sodium Caseinate (from Milk), Sodium Polyphosphate, Dipotassium Phosphate, Sodium Stearoyl-2-Lactylate, Silicon Dioxide), Nonfat Dry Milk, Instant Tea, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Modified Food Starch, Salt, Sucralose.

EFSA has stated a concern for some of the ingredients listed (silicon dioxide). Too much consumption of pods can be harmful to your physical health over time. It would not be wise to continue this habit. 

I’ve never read anything on the internet about Teddy Roosevelt using pods. Although this is a silly statement, I doubt that he would have used them even if they were around! 

Pods Conclusion:

I truly hope you have reconsidered your use for using coffee pods. This was written for your health and Earth. Once I found out about the dangers of using coffee pods, I threw away my machine that I would use to supply pods with( no name dropping lol). Seriously, I chucked it in the trash and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I would say I regret buying said coffee dispenser in the first place but I believe experience is best. I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy fresh-brewed coffee as much or the joy of not having aluminum in my coffee. They say you don’t appreciate something until its gone, that saying doesn’t apply here. 

We are giving you insight on how to better your life even if its a small amount. If you are an avid reader then you may have read the book “Atomic Habits”. The point in the book is getting 1% better each day by implementing small habits even if they’re minimal. How this correlates? By subtracts the negative effects of k-cups then that could be a 1% increase to your mental health. Who wouldn’t want that?!

I could've included reasons such as our coffee is better and buy from us to increase our sales and have free advertising. That's not the reason why we wanted to share this blog post with you. We wanted to inform you with extensive research on why these pods are nothing but evil. 


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