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Have you ever bought an arbitrary coffee grinder and it turned out to be a waste? Has it not efficiently brewed your fresh beans good enough? Has it turned you off of the idea of brewing your coffee? My condolences to you if you answered yes to any of those questions. You may have done some intensive research on some blogs or may have seen some ads on Facebook. You got it through the Amazon or instore but it turned out to be a horrible experience. Hopefully, you did not do the unthinkable and buy one of those aluminum coffee...

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Having trouble finding the right taste?  Finding the right coffee beans is a struggle for most avid coffee drinkers. While some may be content with regular ole coffee from the discount section at Walmart, we provide insight for people who want to find their ‘Losorda’ of coffee. The process of picking our delighted beans may take some time which is actually fun. But we decided to give you information to ease the troubling process.  *Disclaimer* We do not discriminate people who use discount coffee. It was a joke but we do advise that you broaden your taste.  Finding the Right...

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Coffee pods… It just doesn’t sound right. Sure, it may be a convenient way to drink some low-grade coffee and it can save yourself a few minutes before work. But are those 5 minutes saved more important to you than having fresh high-grade coffee that gives you a sense of satisfaction first thing in the morning?

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