The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.

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About Bull Moose

There is a growing trend of men that are less inspired to be the leaders and adventurers that drove the successes of past generations. A lot of men tend to get stuck in a pattern that they only go to work and come home and watch television or some other type of habit to consume their free time. This type of man may be a great provider but is not able to live out any dreams or desires.

On the other side is common with younger generations, many men do spend a lot of time on hobbies but have abandoned the long standing steps in becoming a man. How many men can spend hours on social media or grooming but can’t change a car tire or start a fire? 

The basic skills are being lost among men and will likely not be taught to future generations. Bull Moose Life is inspired by some of the past great leaders such as Teddy Roosevelt. There are challenges on this site that are tracked and allow men to compete with one another and inspire each other in the process.

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